Shiro has been stimulating senses with its eclectic cuisine and sophisticated bar ever since it threw open its doors to food connoisseurs. Inspired by the fiery orient, the menu offers an eclectic mix of Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai gastronomy. From the authentic flavours encompassing the traditions of Korean cuisine to the herb-infused fragrances of Vietnamese food, from the multi-ethnic cuisine of Thailand to the extraordinary diversity of Cantonese dim sum, in addition to our specialty-sushi and sashimi, with an emphasis on seasonality integral to Japanese cuisine, Shiro doesn't provide just a meal - it ensures an unrivalled gastronomic experience that is sure to surpass every expectation. The range of Dim Sums, Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, rice, noodles & desserts showcase the diversity and intricacy of Asian cuisine. The recent addition to the Japanese cuisine, Teppan-yaki, is a must try. It's indeed an entertaining dinner show with great food! Diners watch spellbound as the natural flavours of the food are seared right before their eyes. The signature cocktails are international with an Asian twist and are complemented by an enviable wine list.